When the owner wants to bring his own baby to go out, he must bring the dog Belt to the dog! The Dog Belt can not only contain some of the dog's unexpected conditions, but the right owner can also take the opportunity to train the dog.

First, the key to successful training

For example, when the dog moves forward or moves in the other direction than the owner, at that moment, the rope is pulled to send a signal to stop the suppression, and then the rope is immediately relaxed. This series of actions is done in a very short time, so the correct handling of the rope is extremely important.

Second, maintain proper relaxation

The sleeve is gripped in the right hand and remains properly slack, with the left hand holding the cord between the left waist. The state of the rope should be slightly sagging from the dog's collar. The owner should always pay attention to whether the dog is in the correct position and whether the rope is pulled. Otherwise, the purpose of training will not be achieved.

Third, the difference is tight

One of the most common mistakes in the training process is that in order to keep the dog in the right position, the rope is often tightened and barely relaxed. To correct the behavior of the dog, it is no longer meaningful to pull the rope again. The dog can't distinguish between the two.

Fourth, training fixed left

When training or going out for a walk, the dog should be on the left side of the owner and in the same direction, but can not arbitrarily pull the rope and run straight ahead of the owner. If this is the case, training is very necessary.

Fifth. People are holding dogs instead of dogs.

When the dog pulls the rope in a certain direction, immediately force it to go in the opposite direction, turn on the way, or go back and forth on the same road. In short, the person is holding the dog. Pay attention to the way the dog is ready to pull the rope and suddenly apply pressure to the dog's neck.